The Advanced Training Course Agenda in Brief

Plenary Sessions - Monday 25 April:
For early arrivers the municipality of Wiesbaden will provide a guided tour to demonstrate their best practice for energy, water, and waste projects. Participant registration, the official opening ceremony, and a plenary session will take place in the afternoon at the Schloss Bieberich. The Plenary on Triple Net Zero Policies will include opening remarks from high level representatives from NATO Headquarters in Brussels, International Energy Agency, the German Government, and international experts.
Hon. Katherine Hammack, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Army, will address the audience with a keynote presentation describing the US Army´s Net Zero strategies and lessons learned from the pilot program. In the evening, participants will be invited to an official welcome dinner hosted by an industry sponsor.

Training Sessions - Tuesday 26 April — Thursday 28 April:
Training sessions will begin with presentations that cover three tracks: energy, water, and waste. Each track will include an introduction to the topic, a discussion of methodologies and state-of-the-art practices, followed by moderated discussions and presentations from participants. Each training day will conclude with site visits that demonstrate examples of good practices at US and German military installations and at civilian sites.

Networking at Exthibition site - Tuesday 26:
Workshop participants will be offered a Networking opportunity at the Exhibition site in Wiesbaden that will feature best practice technologies from 30 to 40 industry partners, which can be used to implement Triple Net Zero concepts.

Site visit - Wednesday 27:
An afternoon site visit to Lahnstein Kaserne will be hosted by the German Bundeswehr. During this tour, participants will be introduced to recent projects featuring the use of renewable energy, district heating, and building refurbishments.

Site visit - Thursday 28:
Another afternoon site visit will demonstrate a recently implemented Net Zero Energy industrial site at Groß-Umstadt.

Forums and Plenary Session - Friday 29:
The last day program will include moderated participants’ forums organized by each of three tracks, followed by the plenary session.

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