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This training course is designed for military decision makers, master planners, and facility managers of NATO Member and Partner countries. Approximately 120 to 150 participants from NATO and partner countries will be invited to the workshop.

The training classes will be conducted by international experts in the areas of energy, water, and waste planning, specifically as those strategies apply to military garrisons and non-military communities. Training will be complemented by relevant technical tours, technical exhibits, and moderated formal and informal discussions.

The overall vision of this workshop is to disseminate concepts and best practices through the ATC course that will not only benefit NATO member and partner countries by helping them better manage their fixed military installations, but that will also promote green innovation and knowledge transfer to civilian communities, thereby contributing to thre achievement of national energy and sustainability goals, energy security, and energy independence.

We would like to invite you to become a sponsor of this exciting event to meet your target group:

  • Experts and decision makers from NATO and partner countries
  • Technical garrison staff on executive level
  • Planning department leaders, facility operation leaders.

The event has a limited sponsorship from NATO SPS program to cover the workshop organization, travel, and accommodation of lecturers and participants from some newer NATO member countries. The US Army will host the workshop, and will provide the venue and transportation. The support from sponsors will eliminate the need for registration fee for all workshop participants and will contribute to attracting more participants.

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